Neon Knight

I am employed by the studio Alternate Function 4 to write the story of Neon Knight, a game in which you drive your special vehicle through a dystopian, futuristic city. The game’s art style has as distinct 1980s vibe, complete with neon colours and synthesiser music.


The core of the narrative design is a traditional story, in which the protagonist is trying to overthrow a dictator with the help of several allies. Some parts of the story may be skipped, or a choice will be available between several optional plot paths, according to the player’s preferences. This story is complemented with other narrative clues, that may be collected and will (when correctly sorted) provide additional information on the game’s world and characters.

The game is set in a fictive United States city, and contains a cast comprised of culturally diverse characters. My challenge in this project is to have as many characters as possible change with the story, to achieve the feeling that the game world is dynamic and vivid.

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