Thank you for showing interest in this puzzle! By participating, you provide the testing results that will help me develop my game even further! Many thanks in advance!


Through this page, you can access 4 levels of a story puzzle made in a symbol language.  Only the (Dutch) names of the characters are spelled using letters. After each story, you will be asked a number of questions. Will you succeed in providing the correct answers?


It’s normal and expected that you won’t be able to find the right answers on your first try. You are supposed to make mistakes! You will only know how much you’ve understood of the stories after you find out which answers were correct and which ones were wrong. Be sure to try as often as you like!

User name

All I ask, is that you enter a user name and your age below. This might be your own name, or an alias. Anything goes: Charles, Pikachu, Ladykiller58…

Are you playing again? Be sure to enter the same user name as you did before. That way, I’ll be able to check if you did better a second time around. Your age doesn’t have to be your actual age, as long as you enter the same number each time.


Thanks in advance once more, and I hope you’ll enjoy solving these puzzles!

The levels

Level 0: Information about you

Level 1: Jan is fishing…

Level 2: Piet builds a house…

Level 3: Piet has made a hammer…

Level 4: Jan loves appels…

In case you are interested in making more of these puzzles, do drop me a message at or tweet to @MultiNarratives.

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