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My name is Gerben Grave, and I look forward to writing the story for your game. I am a freelance narrative designer and game writer who works under the name of Multiverse Narratives. As a professional, I combine my two lifelong passions of games and writing. 

craft2Every game developer desires a strong and refreshing story for their game. 
Some just don’t realise this yet.

MeginlandRemember losing yourself completely immersed in a game for the first time? A story enriches your game with that added experience.

Having a good story that blends with the gameplay is the difference between playing a great game, and losing yourself for hours in an enthralling experience. It separates the games we play after work from the games we think about all day before we can finally boot them up again.

goalsIt starts with imagination.
But perfection is achieved by craft and design.

Thinking up stories is easily done. All you need is imagination.

Writing stories is more difficult. Not only do you need to know your grammar; you require a developed taste in aspects like form, style and aesthetics.

But designing a story for a game is hard. On top of Dialogue tree Quest 3
what’s already mentioned, you also need to include the desires of your team and audience – while keeping the spirit of your game concept intact! This requires a specific kind of expertise. Much like you wouldn’t let your programmer do your art, it’s vital to match the correct talent to a task. A story can only become great if you allow a specialist to create it.


storytellingStories are an integral part of what makes us human.
And so is playing games.

A good game’s story is integrated in the Rosie Can't Sleepgame as a whole. It’s not poured over the gameplay like a sauce, nor should it be disjointed from the mechanics. A good story doesn’t create questions. The story should answer them. My tales will lead you through a logical chain of events, driven by authentic characters, to finally arrive at a climax where clarity and excitement are joined together.


goals2Goals and purposes

This website was created with two goals in mind:

  • To present myself as a game writer, and showcase both my qualities and portfolio.
  • To inform a broad audience of the current practice of storytelling in games using both traditional and academic methods. In other words, I want to show how game stories function and are experienced.

Feel free to leave a comment, pose a question or criticise my thoughts or methods anywhere. Discussion only sharpens the mind and I look forward to exchanging ideas and thoughts with you.



  1. Chris

    What you doing is very cool , keep up! If i had a game studio, i would defenitly hire you!

    • Gerben Grave

      Thanks, Chris! I’m happy to hear you like my site!
      If you ever do start a game studio, you know where to find me 😉