Below, you’ll find the various services I provide, accompanied by their default rates. All listed rates are subject to VAT.

nardesignNarrative Design

Narrative design entails the design of how a story is told. This includes but is not limited to: cutscenes, dialogue, character backgrounds, evoked emotions, story structure, world building, sound design, character and environment design, and the way these interact with each other. 

Game Writingwrite

Game writing includes but is not limited to: writing (branching) dialogue, (cutscene) scripts, song lyrics, and descriptive/flavour text. In other words, any body of text your project demands.

narcheckNarrative Design Check

The narrative design check is a service package where I review your narrative design of a project. The check consists of a 2 hour intake, followed up by an advisory report that details how you can improve your narrative structure. This service is intended for teams that do not have a budget for my full design/writing services, but desire a strong(er) narrative/story structure. 

Script Doctoringdoctor

You’ve done most of the work and wrote the script yourself. But you need advice on the quality, structure or internal logic of the story. I can review your script and help you improve the overall quality (vocabulary, flow).


English ⇔ Dutch
English ⇔ Old Norse

Whether it’s because you want to translate your texts into Dutch or English, or because you want to include authentic Old Norse battle cries in your Viking game: I can provide idiomatic translations of your texts against fair rates. Other languages (German, French, Mandarin Chinese, Latin) possible, but these demand a custom project-based fee; contact me to discuss the possibilities.

Spell Checkspell

You did the translation yourself, but would still like to have an extra set of eyes check the quality of your translated text. I’d be happy to correct your text directly, or provide you with a document of correction notes and suggestions. This service does not only warrant proper spelling, but also ensures that the message you are trying to convey makes sense to a native speaker of the target language.

For an overview of my default rates, visit this page.