There are many game writers out there, and selecting one can be a tiring exercise. Allow me to list why you should hire me as the creator of your narrative.

direction2Flexible attitude in terms of creative direction.

Whether it’s writing several drafts of a story, working with different genres or styles: I am capable of suiting your creative needs.

narratology2Academically trained in narratology and literary theory.

My research master degree in Literary and Cultural Studies allows me to apply  a wide variety of academic theories in narrative structures.

linguistics2Academically trained in (theoretical and applied) linguistics.

My bachelor degree in Dutch Language and Culture taught me how to accurately and efficiently apply language to make people act, feel, or think.

languages2Extensive knowledge of languages and cultures.

I am accustomed to (learning) different languages and cultures, allowing me to include these in my writing. Languages I’m able to use in my writing include English, Dutch, German, French, Mandarin Chinese and Old Norse (although my skill per language will vary). Being Dutch and therefore on the crossroads of several major cultures and languages probably contributes to this variety. I am also able to design new languages, if your project requires this.

progress2Adjustment to your development progress and process.

I can easily adapt to the framework of your project schedule and management style. I personally prefer to adhere to individual deadlines while keeping the option open to flow with the needs of the team.

gamer2Both gamer and writer, not a writer who works in games.

I’m a lifelong and passionate gamer, with a strong belief in the potential of the medium. I started gaming and writing at around the age of 4. I’ve seen the rise in game story quality in recent years, and decided I want to help studio’s elevate their products to a higher level.

no money2I’m not in it for the money.

Visit this page to discover what rates work best for you and your project.  However, every game has different needs and standard rates might not work for yours. Feel free to contact me and explore how I can accommodate your needs. I find satisfaction in the creation and completion of projects, and in the challenge of writing stories that complement the games they are intended for, not in acquiring heaps of money.

If the points listed above still haven’t convinced you, why not take a look at
my domains of expertise or portfolio?