On this page, I listed my rates for the various services I provide.

Bear in mind that these rates are default rates. My clients and I usually end up with a different figure after negotiations, depending on the project’s budget, and through discussion on what the project actually requires.

All listed rates are subject to VAT (where applicable).

nardesignNarrative Design


Game Writingwrite


narcheckNarrative Design Check

€100.00 flat rate

Script Doctoringdoctor



English ⇔ Dutch €0.09/word
English ⇔ Old Norse €0.20/word

Spell Checkspell


shareRevenue Share Projects

I am open to projects in which payment is based on revenue share, but only on those projects I personally believe in. These partnerships are heavily subject to tailored agreements, so I am unable to display a rate/percentage here. Logically, there is only so much room in my schedule for me to work on these kinds of projects. If you think your project is something I really ought to work on, but you don’t have a budget to hire me (yet), do contact me to discuss my options.