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Carving the Writer’s Block

I’ve been in the industry for a little while now. One of the concepts that appears to be ubiquitously linked to the notion of professional writing is that of the dreaded writer’s block. Aren’t we all too familiar with the picture of a spectacled (wo)man in a study, seated in front of a computer screen, gazing out the window while looking for something to inspire them?

background beverage blank brown
And coffee is somehow important as well. Photo by Pixabay on

I found a way to save myself from this affliction. In fact, it’s a different way to view the craft that allows me to avoid halting my writing progress altogether. A little secret perhaps, that I want to share with you. Are you ready?

You’re picturing writer’s block wrong.

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Ek skríf Fornyrðislag

Roughly translated: I’m writing poetry in Old Norse.

At least I won’t take my work home with me that easily (image from Wikipedia)

It’s something I personally love, I should add. I’m writing the background story for the conflict in a Viking combat game, and I’m currently working on the lyrics for a song. Continue reading