Hi! You’ve reached my temporary portfolio page, on which I list all of the projects I’ve worked on while I’m getting my portfolio pages per project back up again. When migrating my website to a new hosting service, these pages were sadly lost in the process.

Below, you’ll find the projects I’ve worked on in reverse chronological order, the client and the services I provided per project, and links to the project’s website or store page, if available.

Additionally, I recommend you visit my LinkedIn profile, since I’ve listed most of these projects there as well, often including a short description of my responsibilities and learning outcomes.

  1. Eloquence (Multiverse Narratives; narrative & game design/project management)
  2. We Were Here Forever (Total Mayhem Games; narrative design/game writing)
  3. Untitled Horror Game for mobile devices (Vincell Studios; narrative design/dialogue writing)
  4. Retail Employee Training Visual Novel (Elaunch; narrative design/scriptwriting)
  5. Puzzle Discovery Routes (ASTRON; plot design/game writing)
  6. Horns of Justice (Carnival of Creation; narrative design/worldbuilding)
  7. Person Unknown (Project Gamify; narrative cons
  8. Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery (Vincell Studios; dialogue editing)
  9. VR Industrial Worker Training (Stark Learning; scriptwriting/character design)
  10. We Were Here Together (Total Mayhem Games; narrative design/game writing)
  11. Lake (Gamious; narrative consultancy)
  12. Keeko (Playpal; worldbuilding/game writing)
  13. Warzone (Tiny Tactics; narrative consultancy)
  14. Juniverse (ADabisc; worldbuilding/narrative directing/game writing/project management)
  15. Mahjong Crimes (Spil Games; plot and character design/dialogue writing)
  16. Rosie Can’t Sleep (Studio Bleep; story design/rhyme writing)
  17. Skyrim: The Shire Mod (Gabriel Johnson; plot design/game writing/worldbuilding)
  18. Neon Knight (Alternate Function 4; worldbuilding/character design/narrative design)
  19. Warhorn (Mega Mage Games; worldbuilding/narrative design)