I hope you got that reference. (I’m making a note here.)
Yes, I am still here!

After more than a year of not putting new content on this website, I am happy to report that I will post new articles on a regular basis. In fact, most of the website has received a massive overhaul!

Narrative design for a simple puzzle game

When I decided I wanted to make a career out of writing for games, I told myself that this was a leap of faith first and foremost. If it wouldn’t work out, at least I would have tried.

Since then, I have continuously developed myself and worked hard to understand the process and progress within game design as a whole. I learned a lot. Now I understand better than ever my place as a cog in the game design machine. Even more, I was fortunate enough to work on several new projects – for which I am most grateful – and feel confident that I am ready for even bigger challenges.

I also relocated to a new office in the meantime. At the Game Bakery Cooperative, I can allow myself to grow in the company of other young and eager game developers.

My work desk at the Game Bakery Cooperative

I won’t post articles like this – texts of a more personal nature – that often on my website. But after keeping quiet for so long, I couldn’t let it pass without a notice of some sorts. Which is why I devoted this short article to the fact that Multiverse Narratives is alive, kicking, and ready to take on the world.

Oh, and I have a new logo!

A Multiverse Metamorphosis!

Many thanks to the talented Samma van Klaarbergen of SAM ART! You should check out his other work! I’m very pleased with the new design; it more effectively displays the emotions I seek to convey. Feel free to share your personal opinion!

I look forward to showing you more great stuff in the future. Better check back in soon!

(banner image: GLaDOS, the antagonist of Valve’s Portal series; image borrowed from half-life.wikia.com)